Hoosier Tour

By Kaylie DiGiacomo

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 5.05.34 PMAfter three days of shooting, the Hoosier Tour has come to a close, but the work isn’t over yet. Four members of the Barn-Find Productions crew -Katelyn Calhoun, Jeff Holiday, Nathan Isaacs, and myself joined the tour on Monday morning. We spent the time getting to know not only the cars, but the people inside of them as well, during the filming process. Overall, the tour was fun but exhausting. We spent late nights and early mornings planning shoots, broke multiple traffic laws to race ahead of the classic cars to film them passing, and experienced a few hang-ups along the way.

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 5.07.40 PMUltimately, however, the tour was a success, simply from the connections we made with some of the ACD enthusiasts. The time we spent with them not only helped us learn about the cars themselves, but helped us to understand the inner-culture that keeps people coming back to the Hoosier Tour. We’re now taking the connections we’ve made and experiences we’ve had into the festival, hoping they’ll help us as we proceed with the rest of our filming this week. Now that the rest of the crew is back in Auburn with us we can tackle the remaining work. We look forward to what else we have in store, and hope to see all of our Hoosier Tour friends in Auburn this Labor Day weekend.